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remembering a victim. and in the bay area, something completely different for the week ahead. we start out foggy and end sunny, but not for long. details coming up. an incredible gift. how one man is giving thanks for the past by investing in the future. it is 7:30 sunday november 25. thanks for joining us. >> we've got a lot of news to cover in the next hour. hostess, okay, what's next for that baking giant, and was its demise brought on by changing eating habits or the market? >> we're also talking the weather. big travel day, people coming back from their thanksgiving festivities. we're also going to talk about the new democratic super majority. what exactly we can expect in the first few days of the legislative session, but first a second suspect is now in custody in a deadly crime
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spree. >> it happened saturday night. police used this sketch to track down the suspect. he's a 15-year-old and is now locked up in juvenile hall. this is surveillance video of carjackers outside the store, and police say he shot him to death when he tried to drive away. he was remembered yesterday during a memorial service in campbell. . >> he was a great kid, practical jokers. two in a related story,
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the first public meeting in the search of a new police chief. the current chief plans to retire the end of january. while the search is already underway, officials want input about what qualities they should be looking for in the new chief. the first meeting is at 6:30 tomorrow night. what does this south bay city need from its new top cop? we're going to talk to council members. he'll join us at 8:30 here on eyewitness news this morning. new this morning, a woman who was walking on highway 101 is dead. they're trying to figure out why she was walking on the highway. she was hit and killed on 101 northbound near the south airport boulevard off-ramp at about 8:15 last night. a multicar accident ensued forcing them to close all of the northbound lanes of 101 for
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more than two hours. a second sister has died following a bad crash with a cruiser. a father was driving his wife and fare daughters when he slammed into the back of a cruiser parked on the right side of highway 101. the two sisters who died were both thrown from the vehicle. one of them was about to be married. the family had just spent the night doing black friday shopping in gilroy. in national news, justices will meet to decide whether to hear cases on same sex marriage. first up, they have to decide whether to hear an appeal from the defenders of proposition eight, the controversial initiative banning gay marriage. justices will also sift through several other couples on whether legally married gay couples have the right to benefits. the shopping focused on mom and pop stores this weekend. >> it was a calm shopping experience compared to black
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friday. shoppers once again opened their wallets for small business saturday. the holiday was created by american express in 2010 focusing on getting exposure for local business that can't compete with the big box retailers, but there are other reasons besides price to buy local. >> going to the mall was really crazy, super long lines and lots of stressed out people and merchandise all over. so it's much nicer and relaxed today. >> this weekend president obama did his part taking his daughter shopping at one more page books. he bought the books and shook hands with store employees. shopping amid of the crazy crowds doesn't found appealing, so cybermonday may be more your style, while keeping your identity safe.
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public wifi, only secure connections, lock devices with a password so data is protected when your phone is out of your hands, and work with an ap from trusted forces. adding another incentive, the national retail federation says about four in 10 will offer free shipping with no conditions attached. we have more tips on how to get the most out of cybermonday. go to the website/cybermonday. new changes in store for the remake of dallas after the man behindjr ewing passed away. fans left flowers on the hollywood walk of flame. the new dallas series is set to rewrite its scripts to reflect his death and give him a proper sendoff. today on "face the nation," a thanksgiving and book show is
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going to be featured. thriller writer david val docci joins us and it all starts at 8:30. he was penny less after coming to the u.s. for a better life after escaping germany and now wants to give back. >> the man's story of survival and legacy he wants to leave behind. >> please join me in welcoming roth lewis. >> he's giving dominican university its largest gift in history. >> i was looking for a place to put the money i gathered over the years. >>reporter: he's donating $8.5 million to transform it into a state of the art health science complex for nursing and occupational therapy, a gift from a grateful heart. >> i'm returning to america what america's given to me.
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>>reporter: a native of germany was 50 when he says they threw his father into a concentration camp for opposing hitler. months later a commander let the whole family escape. >> we were very depressed and sad that the germany which we loved was turning against us. >>reporter: the family fled to camps and scraped by after japan invaded china. >> we did whatever we could do to make a living. >>reporter: after nearly a decade he boarded a ship to the u.s. with a heart of hope. >> here was america. i knew home and the future before me. >>reporter: he started with nothing, but studied business at san francisco state
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university, opened up his own restaurant. it would become the square. he ran the restaurant for 26 years living the american dream. >> my heart is so full of love and care and gratitude to america for having let me in the country in the first place, and giving me the opportunity. >>reporter: when he considered the legacy gift, his wife, valerie, a nurse, suggested the nursing program at dominican where he's a trustee. he's expressing thanks for the past by investing in the future. >> it is for me, grateful to america. a bitter sweet end to an american icon. >> the downfall of hostess and what may be next for a valuable brand now up for grabs. we'll sit down with an expert from saint mary's college. teaching us how life is
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going to be. everything is not going to be handed to you. >> a rugby coach expecting a lot more than games won by his players. why his team is sticking with him. not living up to its name with all the fog. then sunshine, and then wait until midweek. we'll talk about the forecast after a break or two. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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dollars. lottery officials say nobody had a winning tit in last night's drawing. this is the largest jackpotr d lottery officials say nobody had a winning ticket in last night's drawing and this is the largest drawing ever for this game. the previous prize was 365
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million won back in 2006 by a group of conagra food workers in lincoln, nebraska. i'm sure those people are no longer working there. >> where are they now? >> a lot of drama after this happens at times. >> the numbers -- around the bay area, first the dense fog advisories and especially up in the north bay. it's drizzling a bit down and overcast in south san francisco. you can see in the bridge you hit a bit of a wall of fog. it is lifting, and we'll go to low overcast close to the shoreline and sunshine later in the day. 41 at concord. it will get wet beginning late tuesday in the bay area, wet
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and windy, and will stay that way right through the weekend. so we begin with the fog this morning. the numbers recover to the mid- 50s. mostly sunny skies inland. on the time lapse, a weak trough moving through. when that trough goes through it will pop the marine layer and we'll see sunshine. also rain later in the week. foggy and sunny for us today in the bay area. as we draw pinpoint forecast, a little cooler than yesterday. 69 in santa rosa, 68 for napa. we'll begin to increase the clouds, chance of rain in the north bay beginning tuesday night. wednesday will be windy, mess for the morning commute, and
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then we'll continue the on- againoff-again rain right through next weekend. it's not going to be a solid gully washer, but from time to time the rain is going to come down good. it will continue right through next weekend with some breaks in between. so this is going to be a good week to tune in. a lot going on in the weather department. a lot going on in news, too. that's right. one of the biggest things is hostess. now a bankruptcy judge says the brand can wind down operations. the real question is where it goes from here. 18,000 people will be out of a job, including nearly 150 here in the bay area, plus elsewhere in the state of california. what does the demise of the maker of twinkies tell us about branding versus marketing, labor versus management? joining us is a global marketing professor at saint mary's college.
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thank you for joining us. the first question i have, we saw in the news reports everybody spinning this. how much was management and how much was labor demands that management couldn't meet. >> thanks for having me. this is a combination of all things. in terms of the bakery products, demand has been growing slowly over the past few years, but hostess hasn't been able to come out with the kind of products that we want to buy. in particular, the kind of breads they make, their demand has been declining in the last few years. >> so was it no longer profitable for them to make it because americans weren't buying it enough, or was it not profitable enough for them, so people thought they would invest elsewhere or labor
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rules? >> they have been losing money for several years. hostess was this bankruptcy from 2004 to 2009 already. they came out with a plan to revive the company. it didn't work out. some of it may have been the labor force, but it was also a lack of innovation, lack of coming out with products that are healthier and that people want. >> is a large corporation like hostess nationwide still capable of surviving and thriving and providing jobs to people that they can raise their families with? is that still a reality in america? >> it very much is. you have lots of companies within the u.s. who are making products in the u.s., and they're hugely profitable. >> and still providing types of benefits to their workers that
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we consider when we say good jobs? is it more part time with less benefits? in other words, what's the balance between the corporation and labor in america? >> in the last few years we've seen the balance towards the corporation. especially when we're talking about unskilled labor in general. they're becoming less and less powerful. what we're seeing, the labor market in the u.s. is getting very fragmented. at the very top you have the googles and apples who combine very big premiums, and at the other end we have company like hostess with lots of unskilled labor. >> do they have a future in america? >> they don't have the same kind of future. that's one of the things that as a society we have to think about. how do we balance those
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fragmented markets because that creates unhappiness. >> you have two icons, apple that's thriving nonstop and others that are going into bankruptcy like hostess. will there be twinkies on the shelves in another year? >> absolutely. someone else is going to buy the brand and continue making twinkies and all the other products, and they will be available, but made by someone else. >> will they be made by workers getting enough money to take care of their families or part time, low pay and no benefits, the trend we're seeing. thank you for sharing your thoughts with us this morning. >> thanks again. new game rules for life. this week's jefferson award winner. we talked to a coach whose rugby players thrive on and off the field. a fascinating story. discovering ,,,,,,,,
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thrget 3 yearsgiving weekend, interest-free financing and save up to $600 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get 3 years interest-free financing on serta icomfort and tempur-pedic. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train.
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they can grow up a lot on te field, thanks to the coach. sharon chin went to rugby practice to catch up with ts week's jefferson award winn.
7:53 am
always show respect, always give respect. >> you come up here. >> a former rugby player himself is president of the rugby club. >> when i first started this, i thought i wanted to teach kids to be better kids, and after the first year these guys were my little brother, and i haven't been able to walk away. >>reporter: ryan, a construction manager by day, co- found had the club in 2005 to encourage inner city kids to develop character and strive for college. many of the 8-12 athletes come from tough oakland neighborhoods, no stranger to drugs, violence and poverty. >> we've had kids that their mother stabbed their father the night before thanksgiving and kids that sleep on a couch and in a closet. >> we do this all for you guys. >>reporter: ryan is serious about scholastics. if you don't earn a c, you
7:54 am
don't play. he cancelled the team's playoff entry last year so they couldn't defend their division title. >> what does tell you about ryan that he would take you through that painful lesson? >> that he wants us and is teaching us how life is. you have to work for what you want. >>reporter: the team isn't just about sports and school, but also about serving the community. >> it takes character to put your head down and do things for others, even when it feels like nothing is being done for you. >> surface projects have included clearing weeds, picking up trash, and trimming bushes at brookdale park. >> what you give you'll receive later in the future. >>reporter: he did receive. when they sent him to camp, the college ended up playing for the world trophy, the top prize.
7:55 am
ryan couldn't be prouder. >> i love these kids, and even the ones that are tough and a pain in the butt, they come back later and appreciate what it is we're doing here. >> coaching teens in rugby and in life, ryan burke, your local hero. >> you can nominate. click the connect button, then jefferson awards to find the e- mail nomination form. a wild party in the south bay leaves two police officers injured. how many cuffs did it take? san jose is in the middle of a search for its next police chief. councilman joining us next. more democrats than ever in california. today we're asking what's next for republicans? we'll be right back. their muscles" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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california goes blue in a bg way. wielding the power of e democratic supermajority in sacramento. and does this mean it's thed of the road for republicansn california. next - why it depends on who you ask. weather ad libs welcome back to eyewitness s this morning. the time is
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_ _ _. it's november 25-th. good morning, i'm phil mati. i'm anne makovec. a lot to k about in the next half-hour. (chat about stories, upcomig guests) another lethal weekend is lding in the streets o everyone's prepping for christmas and a lot of people traveling today. a little foggy out there in spots. >> that's right. we're also going to be sitting down talking about the selection of the new police chief for san jose. meanwhile in other crime news, a lethal weekend unfolding on the streets of oakland. >> shootings have left at least two people dead and seven hurt in 24 hours. yesterday morning an 18-year- old mother was found shot to death in her home. another man was killed, and also six nonfatal shootings since friday. no arrests have been made in any of the cases.
8:00 am
an unofficial count puts oakland's total at 113 deaths this year, and that is one more than all of last year. police responded to reports of shots being fired. officers say when they got there people started throwing bottles at them. >> officers continued to get things thrown at them. >> it took about 60 officers to break up the brawl. 42 people were arrested on charges ranging from assault with a deadly weapon to misdemeanor charges. the search for a successor
8:01 am
is already underway for a police chief. officials want input about what qualities they should be looking for. the judges will sit through cases to decide whether legally married couples have the right to benefits that other couples have. protesters are angry about a decree, calling the new
8:02 am
president of egypt a pharoah. china conducted a fighter jet landing of the first ever on its first aircraft carrier. the aircraft carrier was refitted from a ship that was bought from the ukraine. china's ministry of defense says it will raise the strength of the navy there. a yacht caught fire off the coast of miami beach on an 80- foot vessel about 15 miles away from shore. three people aboard the boat jumped into the water and were rescued by the coast guard. it's partially submerged. no injuries reported. the editor who published kate middleton's topless photos has resigned. the photos led to tensions
8:03 am
between shareholders and even a possible shutdown of the tabloid. changes in favor of more diversity in politics are extending to the state known for its conservatism. democrat... will represent a district that covers metropolitan phoenix. durine campaign her opponents labed her everything from a commut to a witch. "outside groups came in and spent a lot of money tryingo tell a story about me that wasn't true." sinema was one of four kidsa family that at one point was homeless for two years. but then she went on to eara masters, a law degree and a- d... and to serve in both houses of the arizona legislature. she also runs marathons and triathlons. california lived up to its reputation as a the bluest f blue states this year. the state's congressional delegation is overwhelmingly
8:04 am
democratic, and so is state government. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee shows us, republicans are trying to fe out what they're doing wron. joe tuman, cbs 5 political analyst 0028 this election whether in california or acs if there is a big dent in the republican party, right now it has a sign on the door that
8:05 am
says if you are gay, lesbian, by sexual or we're, if you're black, you're not welcome. >>reporter: the assembly in san francisco admits their strategy has been less than successful recently. >> the republican party has a challenge there. it's their fault and haven't been outreaching as far as they should. >>reporter: they say it's not over yet. from the legislature to the president, he believes democratic leadership will be the ones to help republicans rise again. >> every mistake they make will be laid at their doorstep. they'll be blamed for everything they do, and there's no way they can say you're at fault. i'm very optimistic about the future. after all, we're so far down, where else can we go? >> democrats may be celebrating victory, but republicans are
8:06 am
dominating in southern and midwest legislatures. the states that are red are turning more red after this past election. 25 states actually have a majority. what will sacramento do with the new majority. >> wheeling and dealing, that's what they'll do. priorities for the new year. sung turning for the to the search for a new police chief. we'll have a councilman in the studio next. it will give away to sunshine and then give way to rain later in the week. we'll have the details when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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san jose is searching for aw top cop. you can offer
8:10 am
we're going to be looking for fog in the central valley in the early going, usual for this time of year. 57 degrees at eureka. 62 degrees down sat the home of the national weather service in monterey. for the bay area today we'll look at mostly 60s. down in san jose the numbers will be in the upper 60s. sixty at morgan hill.
8:11 am
extended forecast, well, we'll stay dry today. there's a little bit of drizzle around the bay area to start out the early morning. aside from that it will be dry. tuesday clouding up as we go into the week ahead. late tuesday, early wednesday looks to be a mess, especially for the morning commute. showers come in and they go, so we'll have on-againoff-again rain beginning wednesday and right through saturday. so stay tuned this week. that's the weather. san jose searching for a new top cop. you can offer your input starting tomorrow. >> that's right. joining us is san jose councilman, good morning. the top cop job in san jose used to be a very stable
8:12 am
position. one that everybody wanted. now you're going through your chief has left after two years. a lot of tension going on. >> he's retiring and this is an opportunity to bring this a chief that is going to be able to continue some of the work that he did in terms of bringing trust back to our community. but i think it's also an opportunity to really be more honest with the council in terms of what are the effects of cuts. i think with crime rising, you know, you can see that cuts have affected whether or not we have enough personnel out there to maintain. >> one of the reasons why the last chief left was, he wanted you guys to take a measure to the voters to raise taxes to get more police because you had these tremendous cuts. the council didn't do that. what are you offering the any chief? what sort of plan are you
8:13 am
giving the new chief? >> i believe that's going to be one of the things that the new chief is going to have to do. he's going to have to be able to come in and i think convince the council to be able to bring in more resources so that they can provide more personnel and boots on the ground. >> so you are part of a council. part part of the council. >> there's no doubt it's a bad state for the police down in san jose. i'm talking about the police officers on the street. everyone is very frustrated with the way things have been going. it's been very difficult. >> it has been very difficult. i think that's going to be one of the other things that the new chief is going to have to do.
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>> i like to think that the council listens because i know i listen when communities come in and gives input. i think that we really need to be able to commit to the community that whatever input they're giving, what they're looking for in a new chief that that's what we're going to weigh when making a decision. >> thanks for being with us this morning. we'll be right back. since the macarena has a s[ male announcer ]has a this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family
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and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year.
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macarena has a new title ths weekend: the music video "gangnam style" by south kon rap star "psy" is now the most watched vido ever on you-tube. it hit
8:19 am
more than 810-million views today since being posted in july. it beat out this previous record holder: nats justin bieber's "baby" reacd 803-million views. but it took the canadian pop star o years this is the new most popular video. the previous favorite is "baby" by justin bieber. meanwhile in the bay area, more music for the holiday season. >> the fairmount hotel in san francisco is kicking off the holiday season. the star of the show was the massive ginger bread house they unveiled. there it is. 22 feet high, made of 7800
8:20 am
blocks of ginger bread, 1,000 pounds of icing and 650 pounds of candy. you can see them in the lobby through january. that's pretty cool. i checked it out last year. they're not going to raise taxes, they say, but we turned to a former mayor. the first question is, what do you think of labor and other interests? are they going to give up their power? >> oh, no. not after spending millions of dollars, they're going to flex their muscles. they've already said they're going to make it more difficult for municipalties to declare bankruptcy, increase
8:21 am
environmental policies and make it more difficult for single individuals to put things on the ballot. >> so they have the option of rewriting the rooms, whether it rules. >> all those are really small steps. they really should take the power they currently have and redo the whole operation of the city of california so we're not burdened in the craziness of the process. it's got in business in a democracy. we should be about referendum and recall. >> you've been watching the governor, and he may be the state's leading conservative by the time this is over. >> he's standing there with his finger in the dike. he's made a lot of promises to get the business community not to opposing, and i think he had to make a lot of promises and is sort of the last one
8:22 am
standing and has to sell himself. >> he's going to be relieved of some of those commitments. the discovery of what's traced back, all that money that ran through six different laundries before it arrived back here for use. >> on to macro. are we going to see steam rolling or wheeling and dealing as the governor goes to the legislature and says, okay, you want this, i want this. let's meet halfway. >> i think we're going to see wheeling and dealing. i think they're probably not going to take on the larger issues. they're very concerned about keeping the super majority through the next election cycle. if they do something dramatic, i think they think they're going to lose that. >> on behalf of my cousin, he doesn't wheel and deal. jerry brown doesn't engage in
8:23 am
it. he push its from his own perspective with his own view. now, the fact that you may have to join him, that's not wheeling and dealing. >> you can hear more and see more on state and local politics with melissa griffin here on cbs 5 in the mornings on monday. >> monday morning, mondays with melissa. coming up, the top stories and new developments in a deadly crime spree in san jose. officers caught 18 suspect and how. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
8:24 am
a memorial service was heldr a 22 year old man killed inn attempted carjacking i a memorial service for a 22- year-old man killed in an
8:25 am
attempted carjacking in san jose, and two suspects in the murder are now in custody, including a 15-year-old boy arrested friday night. a second death has occurred following a bad crash involving a cruiser that happened early friday morning when a family slammed into the back of a parked cruiser on 101. holiday shoppers will break out their wallet again tomorrow for cybermonday. 72million people say they plan to spend some money online tomorrow. next on "face the nation," bob woodward joins bob schieffer. and our news continues on our new social network that helps build friendlier communities in london and abroad on channel 44 cable 12 starting in a few minutes if you want to join us over there. in the meantime, one last look at the weather. brian, are we going to see the fog clearing? >> we should by about 10:00 this morning.
8:26 am
we'll have a nice day, not quite as warm as yesterday. we'll hit a high of 64 in san francisco, 68 in oakland, increasing clouds, a chance of rain late tuesday. wednesday the commute will be a mess with rain and wind. it will stay that way off and on until next weekend. >> time to get your gutters ready. >> also a time when people start going out there and getting their christmas trees. >> the annual fundraiser has been operating about five decades. proceeds from tree sales are used to support scouting programs. it's at coach's field in piedmont open seven days a week through december 22. have you guys gotten your trees yet? >> well, you know, we haven't,
8:27 am
actually. >> have we gotten one? i'm still trying to get over the thanksgiving thing, halloween, black friday shopping thing. >> i've got to pull the little plastic tree out of the box. >> thanks for joining us. "face the nation" is next. >> for us the news continuing on the cw network. we're jumping over there. enjoy your sunday. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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8:29 am
>> schieffer: today on "face the nation," it is our annual books and authors show. plus the outbreak on the violent protest in egypt over the weekend. the tenuous cease-fire between israel and hamas appears to be

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